- Increase Sales & Decrease Expenses (Profit & Loss Statement) - Our accountants can assist you in saving money for your business.

- Designing Materials - Our staff can create corporate manuals, exams with answer keys, newsletters, training materials, flyers, menus, etc.  

- Promote Your Site On All Major & Minor Search Engines - We can place you in the top 10 to 20% of most search engines.

- Increase Traffic To Your Site - Let us do some mass mailings campaigns for your business.

- Understand HTML So That You Can Design Your Own Web Sites - Our staff can teach you how to create your own site or we can build it for you.

- Training & Tutoring In Most Computer Programming Languages (HTML, BASIC, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, C, C#, C++, Pascal, ASP, MiniTab, SAS, Visual Basic, SQL, Assembler, PHP, Excel Spreadsheets, COBOL, Access Databases & Data Structures, Algorithms,  and more).

- Tutoring in various business subjects - Our staff can teach you bookkeeping and accounting so that you can handle your own corporate books.

- Compile Extensive Mailing Lists - We can create mailing lists geared to any type of client.

- Translations/Interpretation In Many Foreign Languages - Spanish to English; English to Spanish; and others.

- Market Research & Surveys Completed - Our staff can handle any type of market research including finding you a location for your business.

Anything else not on the list above, please call us at (631) 878-3327 to see if we can handle it.

Please note: When calling, if an answering machine comes on, leave a detailed message and someone will return your call as soon as possible