Mr. Jones from Birmingham, AL

"Paper was more pages than I requested, was an excellent guide to helping me create a very difficult paper. Paper gave me so much information and showed such accurate Turabian structure that my paper I created and turned in was checked for plagarism several times due to such a prestine paper which all came back completely negative. Will without a doubt consult again in the future."

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Paul B. from Miami, FL

"After reading Homer's Illiad twice, I still did not understand it. I ordered a book summary report and used it to study for my exam. The report allowed me to immediately understand some important issues and this allowed me to score well on my exam."

Mary S. from Detroit, MI

"I dropped out of college physics because I couldn't understand what vector analysis was. I came across this site and they said that they could write a physics report on vector analysis. They made it simple to understand, I don't know why our college professors don't teach it this way. I now use them regularly and even get free tutoring on certain questions I don't know."

Jill H. from San Jose, CA

"In my first year in college English, my professor told the class to write a paper using APA style. Someone asked what does APA format mean and the professor said if you don't know this you should not be in this class. Well I did not know because I never wrote an APA report. I handed in my report and the professor immediately gave it back to me saying this is was not written using APA style. I sent this company my paper, and they corrected it to APA style. They also corrected the grammar. The professor took my report and from this point onward, I now know how to properly do a report using APA style."

Rick S. from New York, NY

"This place is straight to the point. Good research and upfront with everything. They will also help you for free if you are a previous customer, but you must call them late at night."

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